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My Rants and Raves

My first rant is going to be Salem Oregon. This city is the state capital. It's a large city, don't know the population and don't care. 

Salem Oregon is a mail order town. All the stores, carry the same products. There are 100's of stores that carry auto stuff, RV Stuff, Clothes, pillows, beds, pots and pans, and so on. But, here's the thing, They all carry the same brand. I think one person in this town orders for ALL the stores here in Salem. If your looking for brand X instead of Brand Z.. your going to have to order it online.

I went to or called every store in town that sell's battery chargers. I did lots of research and know the one and brand name I want to buy. Every store, EVERY STORE had ONE brand. And, it isn't even a good quality brand. Does that make sense? Nope! "Hello... Do you have brand X chargers"? "oh, no we carry brand Z"!! It was like I called the same store over and over again.

 So, when you ask how come your store and every other store in town carry's the same brand, and not a different one... "Um, I don't do the ordering for our store".. So that leads me to believe, there in one guy in this town that does ALL the ordering for every store here.