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Solar Panel Project

Well, I bought a small solar panel (50 watt Mono-Crystalline) to see just how much solar energy I can get here in Oregon. It's still in the mid 30's to low 40's here, not to mention the rain so it may take a few weeks to get to installing it.

 As soon as all my boxes of stuff arrives, I will take some pictures and explain how I'm going to lay it all out and install it on the RV. I also am building a tilting bracket for it, as I have read it really makes a lot of difference...

IT CAME TODAY!! YEPPIE! I took it out of the box and tested with my volt meter. It was fun to lay it out in the yard and actually see volts coming from it. I can't wait to get it installed in the 5th wheel, and connected to my charge regulator and to the batteries.

Here is how I'm installing the panel. I removed the beauty ring from my vent. The hole where the wires are coming out for the vent is where I'm bringing my solar cables in from the roof. 

 This spot makes it very handy for a solar panel. The has a  thermostat controller on the wall adjacent to it. Those wires go through the top of the wall and down. I will attach my solar cables to those wires and pull them through. This is also where I'm installing my charge controller.

Another thing that made this place so handy is behind the wall with the thermostat is the shower. So, I have plumbing coming up from the basement. That is where I will lead my wire back to the batteries from the charge controller.

 More to come....