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Things I would buy again.

Here I'm listing products, and things  I have bought and used, and think they are worth buying againIE they worked as claimed or better. 

1. West highland white terriers. (AKA Westies) These 4 legged, fur covered humans are smart, cute, and dependable and all around one of the best dogs that has ever owned me.

2. A Carri Lite 5th wheel by Carriage. Great 5th wheel, well made and holds up very well. We have owned 4 now and feel they are one of the best 5th wheels made. 

3. Maxxis tires. I know, they are not made in the USA, but still these tires are awesome. They have thicker than normal side walls, and hold up very well. I have a set on my dually truck, and boat trailer. They are hard to find in the Pacific Northwest, I had to buy online, but they are well worth buying. 

4.A Hummer H2. (AKA Urban  Assault Vehicle)  Yeah, I know they got a bad rap and all, but this is the best SUV I have ever owned. Its built 10 times better then any, ANY SUV on the market. And they are extremely comfortable. It can go places and do things other SUV can't. Trust me, it's an AWESOME thing to own. Gas mileage on ours is 13.4 (was 16.0 until our government forced place E-10 in all fuel). Since we need an SUV to tow our boat, and to get places in the snow and ice (and because we just wanted one) we thought, why not have the best. We did test drive every other SUV made and hands down, the Hummer H2 is the king of them all. 

5. A 800 Watt Chicago Electric portable generator. Yeah I know it's a Harbor Freight tool, but at $87.99 it's a darn good generator. I tested the output and it's a steady 125 volt. I can plug in a couple of different items and the volts drop to 119, but will come back up with in range. I have only had it a couple of weeks, but it works well. It's a little hard to start when its cold, but over all its a worth buying unit. (I bought this to power a 25 amp battery charger for my 5th wheel. I don't want to have to run the onboard 55k Onan generator just to charge the batteries when dry camping). 

6. A mono-Crystalline solar panel.  Mine is a JL brand and it's very well made. In testing it, it puts out very good voltage and amps. I also bought this as a way to charge the batteries in my 5th wheel while dry camping. (the above mentioned generator is for times where the is not sun to power this panel).

7. A Go Power pure sine wave inverter. This is a very good investment for dry camping. It has worked flawlessly over the years. I have it powering my TV, Satellite receiver and a 60 watt light. There are other brands of inverters but I'm sold on the Go Power brand. They are made in Canada, very well built and used by most power companies for back up power in their utility trucks.