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Things I would NOT buy again.

Hoover steam vac II. This machine is very cheaply made. It has plastic gears in the motor that wear out after a couple of uses. I rebuilt mine twice already. (in two years)The 3rd time it needed rebuilt I went back to the same store I bought the gears the first two times, only to find out Hoover no longer sells the gears. You now have to buy a whole new motor. The motor isn't what's wearing out, its the gears.

The gears are only $3.00 each, the motor is $60.00. I called Hoover to ask why they no longer sells the gears and they tell me the whole unit has been discontinued, and they no longer will have parts for it. If your thinking about getting a carpet shampooer, you may want to stay away from a Hoover. 

GE Coffee maker.There is a problem with their coffee makers since Wal-Mart took them over. The hot plate will over heat and break the pot. (has on my with three different ones). Also the clock will lose about 10 mins a day. This is the model that has the charcoal filter that fits into a long holder that fits into the tank. When the 3rd one broke the pot, and the timer went back I replaced it with a Mr. Coffee maker. So far, so good.